Wednesday, November 5, 2008

From ‘Yes We Can’ to ‘Yes We Did’ - Congratulations BARACK OBAMA...the campaign which can inspire polls in Bangladesh

From ‘Yes We Can’ to ‘Yes We Did’
A man for the middle class

Three very powerful words – ‘Yes We Can’ and one extremely elevating word ‘Change’ almost swept a large number of the US population to vote for Barack Obama, a man who can change the world as most of the world citizens believe.

In this match of Donkeys vs. the Elephants, we saw an optimistically turbulent evolution where many recognized red states turned blue. And this was because, it was a win for people who seek change, a win for the youth deeming a message of unity from Obama, a change for US citizens from all the different color, creed, race, belief and communities – I haven’t seen a more unified United States of America until now.

First and foremost, we can hopefully say that, the US ‘reputation’ will finally be restored. Most of us, the world citizens, were losing hope about America, which we once knew as a state of democracy, a state of liberty yearning hope not only for its citizens but also for citizens worldwide.

After this election result, hopefully the US attitude towards Muslim countries, towards the Gulf and all the developing nations will greatly change, primarily because we love to believe that Obama is a more open-minded and liberal Democrat who absolutely believes in the magic of ‘spreading the wealth’. Because if the majority of people do not have shelter, food for living and the other basic necessities, even the most ‘politically eligible’ president becomes ‘socially unreliable’. After all, passion for work, growth or the fight against terrorism can never come on an empty stomach.

We always need to be optimistic towards life, politics and even when fighting against oppression and terrorism and we always need a leader who can guide, inspire and make a detailed sketch to turn the above visions in to realities. And this is when a strong word ‘hope’ comes in. Without hope, trust, faith, optimism and expectation to change the world for better, no race in this world succeeded and may be that is why a very animated Oprah Winfrey’s words became an immortal phrase ‘it feels like hope won’.
Now, here is a president-elect who bridged the black and white divide successfully. He proved that admiration for a human being should not concern color or any social stigma. He engaged a higher number of whites, Asian-Americans, Latinos and Hispanics towards believing in change and to believe in working as citizens of unified USA, which no other president of America could harness before.

He motivated and engaged young people from all walks and the middle-class of the United States, successfully mobilized them and created such an inspirational upsurge of youth takeover worldwide that I believe that this effect will be strongly felt in the upcoming polls here in Bangladesh as well.

No presidential candidate can ever dream of winning a race, ignoring the ‘middle-class, their crisis, their expectations and triumphs’. And this fact clearly got established. By stating ‘spreading the wealth’, Obama actually meant establishing and re-establishing rights for the lower income group of people by promising tax cuts and stronger health-care policies for he is a ‘man for the middle-class’.

Now, we can never disregard the fact that United States is the most powerful and the largest economy in the world, and any dent in its economy will directly or indirectly affect the whole world greatly. After this election result, hopefully the US economy will be better and that will turn the world's financial crisis for the better as Obama in his winning speech at Chicago rightfully said ‘we cannot have a Wall Street when main street suffers’.

We should also thank the relentless effort and the creative brain behind this unprecedented win – David Plouffe, Obama’s campaign manager. It is because of this successful and one of the most creative campaigns ever produced, that the phrase ‘Yes we can' turned in to 'Yes we did'.

This poll was not only historical in the United States but received a worldwide acceptance. Political, business and even social representatives from all over the world jumped on the Obama bandwagon for reasons like oppression against Muslims, against world peace, against satanic greedy acts in places of ‘bushy interests’ for example, the oil filled Gulf and Persia throughout the last eight years.

So, today, as Barack Obama stands president elect of the United States of America, let us HOPE and sing in chorus, the eternal words left by the great John Lennon - All we are saying…is give peace a chance. Now we can proudly say that it’s not only ‘Obama for America’ but Obama for the World and let me be hopeful and emotional while saying ‘Obama for Bangladesh’ as well.


Anonymous said...

I am an American living in Seattle in Washington State. I worked in Bangladesh from 1990 to 1993. We are very proud of President elect Obama and have high hopes for a successful presidency in spite of the difficulties he faces. The world reaction to his election has been most gratifying. I was interested in what Bangladeshis thought of the event and was pleased to find your blog. Thankyou for your comments

tanim-butpar said...

heyy anonymous

thanks a lot


Anonymous said...

ran into your blog yrs ago (when I saw this school made of mud in the BBC and googled it) and for some reason, checked it out again. Great to read this. We (well, a few of us anyway) are ecstatic Obama won. The Philippines was (embarrassingly) one of two countries who went for McCain though, accdg to polls. But my boyfriend (from UK) and I are so happy, we are going to DC for the inauguration. No tickets but just want to be witnesses to this great period.

Manila, Philippines

tanim-butpar said...

hehehe great post there francesca

wish i cud be there at washington with u guys

cheers budd


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